Makeup Dumpster Diving | Beauty Bloggers Are Finding Gold In Trash Cans


Makeup Dumpster Diving | Beauty Bloggers Are Finding Gold In Trash Cans Makeup Dumpster Diving | Beauty Bloggers Are Finding Gold In Trash Cans

Dumpster diving has been around for a long time and it has finally caught up with makeup addicts.

Dumpster Diving For Beauty: What’s In It For Me?

It’s true you find treasure in someone else’s garbage and that’s exactly what’s shaking up the beauty industry. Beauty bloggers and Instagram influencers are everywhere nowadays it’s almost getting hard to keep up and maybe just because we are experiencing such a significant boom around the world we’ll always have makeup waste around and that’s where we’ll start today, the dumpster that houses some of the most outrageous makeup hauls. Ladies and gentlemen, the dumpster diving craze has taken over the beauty industry.

Dumpster Diving: The Binners

Dumpster Diving: The Binners | Makeup Dumpster Diving | Beauty Bloggers Are Finding Gold In Trash Cans
Image via Shelbizlee

Dumpster divers have been around since the 80’s but just recently the discovery of unboxed makeups found in Ulta dumpsters have driven some beauty bloggers to get their hands on free makeup by dumpster diving.


Why Dumpster Dive?

a number of products you get from dumpster diving is quite crazy, sometimes 30 lipstick tubes all sealed can be found in one bin but most of the time you’re lucky to find 5 tubes and some have resorted to reselling them at a much lower price because let’s be honest I don’t think anyone would use all of the products on themselves, so it makes sense to offer them up to people.


What Can You Get?

What Can You Get? | Makeup Dumpster Diving | Beauty Bloggers Are Finding Gold In Trash Cans
Image via dumpster.dive.ohio

Who could fault dumpster divers when you chance upon a makeup brand spring cleaning some box full of products that were never opened ready for a loving owner?  If you find 3 boxes of unopened, unused Guerlain Meteorites all neatly packed inside a plastic bag, would you not pick it up? That’s exactly how a lot of dumpster divers started, by chance and curiosity.

Most makeup stores need to destroy makeup whether unused or returned before throwing them out in the bin, however, for some reason, a lot of dumpster diving individuals find a lot of them in good condition.  If not brand new, some of the products thrown away are testers that are barely used.



Now it might seem enticing to go and head on to your own dumpster diving forays but let’s not forget about the obvious health hazards here. First and foremost, bacteria thrives in environments that are moist and warm, much like the city dumpsters where these treasures are unearthed, because of this there is an increased risk for bacterial and fungal infection. Aside from the environment inside a dumpster, using a used makeup product might result in rashes and skin infections, especially if it came from an infected consumer. In addition, even unused makeup product might be harmful as well because no one is sure how long it’s been in the garbage bin and if the change in temperature may have changed the stability of the product.

Watch as Jessicasler talk about her dumpster diving experience on the video below:


Would You Dumpster Dive?

Personally, as a professional makeup artist who takes extreme care in the sanitation of my kit, I don’t see myself dumpster diving even if it means saving a big amount of money, it just wouldn’t make sense to be so careful of my kit but rummage through a garbage bin for supplies.

But, for the adventurous, check out this how to clean video from Shelbizlee:

Dumpster diving is not for everyone, but if you’re interested in giving it a try, please be sure to know more about your state laws regarding dumpster diving.


Take a look at this actual dumpster diving video by Trina to get a feel of the whole experience:


Let me know what you think about dumpster diving for makeup in the comments below; and if you thought this post was helpful, take the time to read about the silicone makeup sponge and find out whether it’s for you or not.
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