Hair Salons Near Me In Chicago Park California – My Curly Hair Experience at Salon 718



Hair Salons Near Me In Chicago Park California – My Curly Hair Experience at Salon 718


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I need to get this addressed… this situation.
And it was matting again.
ANDREA: Oh, your hair? It doesn’t look like it right now!
MAYA: ‘Cause I had to brush it out! If I leave it curly–
ANDREA: Oh, then it mats… I wish mine was long enough that I can just do that. ‘Cause I’m tired of like, the process.
I’ve just been leaving it in a bun like all the time now. Just like, bun it up.
MAYA: Oh, that’s who we’re talking to right now.
ANDREA: That’s me, hello. yeah, I just like, bun it up all the time.
It’s drama. This–okay, this is the mullet.
I’m here at salon 718, and the girl hooked me up and my mullet.
Me and my curly mullet.
See how long it is?
In the back… in the back it’s really long–
ANDREA: The back is really long–here.
Yo, the back is like, crazy! The back is really long and then the front is normal.
MAYA: I just need her to deal with this.
ANDREA: The back?
MICHAELA: Well, you definitely have layers in there.
MAYA: In the front.
ANDREA: Her–she’s… the problem is the back.
MAYA: The back is just a hot mess, when it’s like, curly.
And I think it’s because I cut my own hair. And I can never get to the back.
MICHAELA: You’re right about that.
ANDREA: So the problem is completely solved.
MICHAELA: I’m gonna clean it up a little bit, try and balance it out and just loosen it, so the curls are a little bit more carefree.
ANDREA: And she says they keep matting.
MICHAELA: Okay, we’re gonna do a really good conditioning treatment for that.
Am I getting you? What’s up Michaela?
MICHAELA: Alright, who wants to work with me?
MAYA: Everyone’s like, running away.
ANDREA: Too much hair, don’t care!
MAYA: Yay! A volunteer!
MICHAELA: Merri, she’s our treatment specialist.
And I’m just gonna blend with you there, so it doesn’t feel so disconnected.
MaYA: Oh, okay. That’s probably what it is–
ANDREA: That’s probably the problem.
MAYA: Yeah, it’s like…
MICHAELA: Yeah, I feel like it’s 3 different hair cuts. So we’re kind of just gonna make it… one and a half.
I’m kidding.
Just one hair cut.
Well, what is happening also, is that you’re getting a little bit of tail back here.
So we’re gonna try and…
ANDREA: That’s your mullet problem.
MICHAELA: Get rid of this.
Okay, so Merri and I were talking about what we think we’re gonna use on your hair today. You wanna explain it to her?
MERRI: We’re gonna use the Moroccan Oil repair shampoo, and I’m gonna use their mask–the hydrating mask.
And I’m gonna apply that, and you’re gonna sit under the dryer for like, 5-10 minutes.
MICHAELA: So real intense one–and then nice thing about Moroccan oil is that it has no sulfates in it.
And so it’s not drying on the hair. And it has the aragan oil, which will help really penetrate in.
‘Cause on curly hair you just wanna keep it really nice and moist on the ends. Alright?
MAYA: Okay.
I don’t know the last time I went to a salon.
I think it’s been like, 4 years or something.
MAYA: At least. ‘Cause I didn’t go in Vancouver. There’s no salon in Vancouver.
And I didn’t go in Toronto, and I’ve been living here for 2 years. Okay–so that’s at least…
ANDREA: 4 years–
MAYA: Five!
ANDREA: That’s crazy.
MAYA: Has it really been that long?
And when I do go it’s only for like a blowout.
Smells good. What is this stuff?
MERRI: Moroccan oil.
MAYA: Oh, okay.
I only bought that little vial of like, you know that oil? Yeah.
I’m like, $15?! For a little thing?!
Oh yeah… this is soft.
I’ll know by… 3 days, if it’s–it’s weird, it just started matting! It’s like it turned into one giant dread.
Yeah like, here it’s like weird and wiry. It’s not even like…
I don’t even know what that is, that’s not a curl.
So um… I just got back from London, from a fabulous hair show–forecasting trends, and curly hair was big.
MAYA: Curly hair is big!
MICHAELA: Especially in London because there are just so many mixed children. Or kids, or people.
MAYA: Same with Toronto. Okay, everyone is mixed so everyone has curly hair.
I think that’s probably why there’s this huge curly… craze. It’s ’cause there’s just so many mixed people.
On top of the other cultures that already have curly hair.
MICHAELA: I mean, so many cultures are so mixed to begin with.
And then you have, you know…
So what’s your take on people cutting their own hair?
MICHAELA: What’s my take on cutting your own hair…?
Curly hair, you can definitely get away with it. Creative people can get away with it, ’cause it’s not just a haircut, it’s a whole look.
It might not technically be correct; of course as hairdressers we wanna go in there and make everything technically correct for you.
I think when you get to that point, like you have right now, where you definitely feel like you need someone to look at it, you need to definitely do that.
You need to let a professional kind of just balance it out for you.
This is the Moroccan mousse… it’s our strongest hold hair product.
I just applied it really on the front part, nice and spiraly. And I’m just gonna twist them up a little bit.
Oh, to… and you’re still gonna cut?
Yeah, after we dry them. We’re gonna dry you and diffuse you, then I’m gonna cut a little bit more.
ANDREA: No more mullet, no more beaver tail.
It’s perfect! It’s like… perfect curls.
MAYA: The salon goes quiet.
MICHAELA: The salon goes quiet as all the pieces of curls drop to the floor.
MAYA: I’m just like, oh my God what are you doing?!
The way you’re cutting it! I’m just like…
MICHAELA: Don’t try this at home, okay?
All that’s it’s doing is releasing it doesn’t look so crowded.
I’m like… you’re cutting IN!
MICHAELA: I’m cutting IN!
MAYA: My hair! It dropped to the ground! NO!
I’m used to like, a lot more product.
ANDREA: In your hair?
MICHAELA: How does it feel? Does it feel like it’s sticking, or…?
MAYA: No! It feels like there’s… not enough in it. I’m so used to having like… you can FEEL that product.
So what is this you’re spraying?
MICHAELA: This is a different product line. It’s called surface. And it’s a bassu shine spray.
ANDREA: It’s Canadian!
MAYA: Where can people get it?
MICHAELA: Salon 718.
What we can do if you want also, if they wanna order that they can get 10% off on that product.
Okay for the next month, 20% off any service, or 10% off any product, except for keratin.
MAYA: Okay, I have it recorded, so…
ANDREA: Like, dye your hair black, Maya or is it–
MAYA: No, this is just–I love it.
MICHAELA: Yay, she loves it!
MAYA: Yeah, see that back is so much better.
ANDREA: Yeah now you have that beaver tail.
MICHAELA: You see how little it was that we cut off?
ANDREA: And look, the length’s still good.
Oh, there we go!
MAYA: There we go! There you go!
Oh, she went colored and straight, I went curly and black! Watch out now!

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